Thursday, April 8, 2010

Get Gardening!

I'm a bit behind on the garden thing this year. Yikes! Last year I started the seeds too early (early February) and this year I'm just getting to it--it's already the first week of April!

This past weekend we:
•amended the soil in the raised beds with mushroom compost and a some sort of soil amending compost
•moved an oregano and a chives plant to a new location in the beds (they came back so I figured I would find a new place in the beds for them since I'm taking a different approach with the Square Foot Garden plan)
•planted seeds for kale, chard and lettuce
Seeds for carrots, beets and sugar snow peas will go in as soon as I can get back outside. It's a little hard to get much done these days with a newborn but I'm doing what I can when I can; even if it means gardening in my pj's!

Gardening in my jammies

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  1. Hi Claudia....just now getting to view the links you sent me. We enjoyed seeing the familiar items of clothing you've made. Would love to get the kiddos together soon when it works for you. Waiting on my tomatoes to share with little J. Happy gardening! Jennifer