Wednesday, November 3, 2010

a hat

I can't seem to learn that staying up late is not very smart, especially when you have a baby that doesn't sleep through the night. But, while late nights may not be very smart, they are productive and fun! Look at what I made for JP last night, late last night:
a hat
a tee hat
An upcycled hat made from old t-shirts! Sadie, a fellow sewing instructor, shared the tutorial for this hat with me and I knew it was one I had to make! It's simple to construct and fun to embellish because you can make it as funky as you want and it will look great on a little boy.

The hat I made is certainly wearable but a little rough around the edges, literally. The edging looks a little sloppy but I think it adds character. It is made from very thin t-shirt fabric so I'll try using thicker fabric next time. That should make it easier to sew and also give the ear flaps a little more structure--with this hat they are too light and flimsy, in my opinion. And, because I wanted to finish the hat before going to bed, I kept the embellishments simple; I added a fancy stitch on the burgundy tee fabric and a tassle using the hem from the green tee fabric. JP loved it!
ear flapstassle on hat

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