Thursday, April 21, 2011

Oh, BOY!

A few weeks ago Charlie accidentally ran over one of the kids' skateboards with his car and broke it in half. The kids decided it was actually more fun to have a broken skateboard because now they could use it as a launcher. It was a perfect lever and soon enough they were placing things on one end of the skateboard and stepping hard on the other end to launch them in the air. They tried to launch each other but it never worked; they were too heavy. That was disappointing to them all.

Today JP showed me that the idea to launch himself or one of his sisters was still on his mind. He figured out how to slide another one of our skateboards under the porch railing and use it as a launcher. Guess what he was able to launch? Yes, himself! Unfortunately, it wasn't as fun as he had imagined because his feet hit the top of the railing and tripped him up so that he ended up landing on his face. Aww, poor boy! I didn't get to see the launch but heard the cries after he landed--I was working in the garden nearby. He was in pain and pretty shaken up too. Thankfully, he was okay. His cheek was pink but there were no broken bones and no blood. As I was consoling him he said, "That didn't turn out to be so good." I'm pretty sure the launching-people-phase has come to an end.

I had to write about this because as I was comforting him all I could think about was how wonderful it is to be a child (boy) learning about the world and being fearless to try things out. I just hope he never attempts to fly. . .

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