Thursday, January 19, 2012

He's Sew Cool! Part I

Last weekend I taught my husband to sew. I've been a sewing instructor for close to 5 years and this was his very first lesson. Our daughter joined him because she needed a refresher. The two of them made a good team and helped each other throughout the lesson.
He's sew cool!

He was a star student!
After he mastered the self-threaded. . .
 threading the needle

. . . he made his first seam and it was nice and even from end to end.
First Seam

He was also really good at guiding the fabric with two hands.
2 hands

We moved on to zigzag stitches where I explained how to use the stitch length and width dials. After that, he was ready to experiment on his own.
Look at all those fun stitches!

Our next lesson, and the real reason for his interest in learning to sew, will be explained in Part II of "He's Sew Cool". Stay tuned!


  1. It has never occurred to me to teach my husband to sew! Just curious (because I'm still trying to comprehend the male mind)- did he ask you to teach him or did you suggest it?

    1. Well, Part II of this story will tell more about how this came about but it was initiated by him. Like I said, he's sew cool!!! ;)

  2. He really is sew cool! This is really fun! Also, I love the depth of field in the 2nd picture. You're really rocking it with the photos! xo