Thursday, March 29, 2012

Cool Weather Crops 2012

Soon to be growing in my spring 2012 garden:

Spring 2012 cool weather crops
I'm very excited about the micro greens! I don't know why I've waited to grow these outdoors? They're great for growing indoors during the cold winter months! They are so flavorful.

I hope these radishes are a success; I've never tried growing this variety. My favorite is the French Breakfast radish. They are delicious and grow very well for me and will be growing in my garden too.

The past few years I have been growing a variety of lettuce but this year I thought I'd try just one variety: bibb lettuce. I'm envisioning using it for lettuce wraps. Yum!

The broccoli is new for me and I hope it goes well. I welcome your tips and advice.
Spring 2012 cool weather crops

If I was a painter or good at drawing, I would make art for seed packets; specifically for Botanical Interests, Inc. Isn't it so pretty?

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