Tuesday, May 15, 2012

FREE Sewing Class: SEWING MACHINE 911 at Craftsy

Do you want to learn to sew but feel overwhelmed by the sewing machine?

Have you ever tried sewing but just keep getting stuck because the sewing machine wasn't cooperating with you?

Are you limited on time and can't fit a sewing class into your schedule?

If you can relate to any of these questions, then I want to tell you all about my new online sewing class SEWING MACHINE 911 because it will be so helpful for your urgent sewing machine needs. You can find it at Craftsy.com.

This class was so exciting to put together and my hope is that it will help you get started sewing with great success! Not only do I help you get your machine set-up, I also help you problem-solve those common issues that come up when we sew. Let's face it, sewing shouldn't be about battling a sewing machine but about finishing a project and feeling good about it!    

How did this all come about? Well, I'm a teacher at heart. I love sharing what I know with others and helping them learn. I've been a sewing instructor for 5 years but just last fall my friend Ronna asked me to hold a sewing machine clinic. She wanted to put her vintage Singer to work (the beige machine we used for this class!) but wasn't sure how to thread it or if it even worked. I held a clinic in my home and that was the start of Claudia's Sewing Machine Clinic. We got her machine running and I helped out with a few other machines as well--at least one of which we assumed was a goner. The rest, as they say, is history. I wanted to share this story because I can't wait to help you get your machine in working order and help you start making amazing projects, but I also wanted to give Ronna a big THANK YOU for her encouragement!

So, are you ready to get started?

Then I invite you to join the fastest growing craft community on the web: CRAFTSY.com! Once you sign up for a course, your access never expires and you can take it whenever you want and as many times as you want. How convenient is that? Craftsy has a great platform for their courses where students can interact with the instructor and also with each other to answer questions and give feedback; we're a community! You can also post your projects to Craftsy and be inspired by other projects. You'll find me, my projects, and my Craftsy classes here.

What else do you want to learn to make? At Craftsy.com, you can select from a great variety of courses taught by top instructors and, if you don't want to learn alone, they are great classes to take with your friends or children and learn something new together--sewing, quilting, knitting, crochet, felt, costumes, jewelry making, gardening, cooking, and more! The HD quality video and audio brings your learning to a whole new level which really helps you to see exactly how the instructor is creating the craft.

What are you waiting for? Go sign up on Craftsy and start learning!

Sewing Machine 911

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