Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Mi Cocina Mexicana

Zucchini Boats
stuffed zucchini

Last week was the start of my goal to purposefully cook more authentic Mexican food. I'm happy to say that the meals I made were eaten and liked by all of my family!

On the menu were,
-sopes* topped w/rajas, chorizo, Chihuahua cheese, and cotija cheese
-stuffed zucchini (we called them zucchini boats)
-roasted salsas
-tacos (made with store-bought corn tortillas but homemade torts. are up next!)
-black beans
(*Thank you Rick Bayless for loving Mexico so much and sharing authentic recipes in your wonderful cookbooks!)
sopes con rajas y chorizo

As with any type of cooking, it's important to have staple items on hand. For now, those are:
-masa harina
-fresh chile peppers
-dried chiles
-radishes (from my garden, I hope!)
-cilantro (also from my garden)
-black beans
-Mexican squash
-a variety of Mexican cheeses

This week I've already made black bean chilaquiles and calabacitas (recipe to be posted soon, I promise!). I also hope to make time for dessert; I already have a super yummy recipe for flan!

So, any recipe suggestions, cookbooks, or requests (that I trial first, of course) are accepted! This kitchen of mine is going to become una gran cocina Mexicana!

¡Buen provecho!

corn husks

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