Saturday, August 31, 2013

Alt NYC 2013 :: One Story at a Time :: Some Details

Justin Hackworth Photography
Business card wall.
Image by Justin Hackworth. Atly-sponsored.

I learned about Alt through reading blogs and seeing pictures on Instagram. It seemed that attending Alt was a great place to learn about blogging and also a great place to interact with amazing bloggers.  As I read stories about Alt, one thing that really stood out was showcasing your blog with a unique business card!

The business card exchange that takes place at Alt is fun and inspiring and one that requires creativity. Participants go all out to make a great first impression. Some people give a card with goodies/swag, some make a unique card out of clever materials, and some just have a stand-out design.

I wasn't sure what to do and so I chose to go with a fairly standard business card that was sewing focused. For a unique twist, I decided to wear a handmade dress. My hope was to talk about my sewing blog and then talk about my handmade dress. I thought it would be a great conversation starter but once I was at Alt, I wasn't bold enough to say anything about my handmade dress. I was feeling shy and little overwhelmed. As a help, maybe I should have worn a tag or pin that said "Ask me about my dress!". For my next Alt conference, I will be more assertive!

Business Card
One side of my business card has an illustration that resembles a swatch of fabric with a selvage edge and contains Sew You Studio information. The other side has my email and blog information. The top is finished with pinking shears.

The dress I made is the Staple Dress pattern by April Rhodes. I had made this dress a couple of weeks before Alt and since it was just waiting to be worn, I decided it was a good choice for Alt.
Justin Hackworth Photography
That's me in the center taking a photo of Martha Stewart, along with everyone else!
Image by Justin Hackworth. 

New situations can be filled with emotion and worry. I certainly was unsure about it all but must say that the day went very well. I was happy to have business cards and my dress was very comfortable for this whole day event.

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