Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My Beautiful Flower

v pic
When a flower fades how do you remember it? Was it bright and beautiful? Was its fragrance so strong that if you close your eyes you can smell it all over again? Did it move so gracefully in the wind? Did it bloom in a special way? There are many ways to remember the natural beauty of a flower but we probably don't spend much time doing so. Now, how do you remember a loved one who has passed? Well, there are also many ways to remember their natural beauty, but the memories we have of them are much stronger, last much longer and become a part of our daily lives.

Today I'm remembering my very own sweet flower, Viviana. Viviana was our first child and was as lovely as the most beautiful flower you can imagine. She had a bright smile, a gentle touch, and a sweet disposition. Her eyes glistened with peace and her heart radiated pure love. She was unique and special.

My sweet Viviana, you faded much too soon. I miss you and love you so much! Thank you for changing my life and leading me to trust in God's LOVE!
purple wings
12/22/98 - 05/05/05


  1. Beautifully written, Claudia! Big hugs today.

  2. She planted a seed of pure love and peace in all who knew her. Our hearts became fertile ground because of her gift. She had two extraordinary gardeners to nurture her Spirit and Joy. A flower she is, indeed, with eternal Spring. Thank you for sharing her with us...

  3. Thinking of you with lots of love.