Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Day 1 - Kids Clothes Week

Day 1 - Kid's Clothes Week
Day 1 of this challenge was a success for me. I set out to make the ever-popular Twirly Skirt and actually finished it! The challenge is to spend one hour every day this week sewing clothes for your kids. The skirt took me more than one hour to make but I was able to sew throughout the day to complete it. Thankfully it worked out for me because the kids were cooperative - JP napped, Baby played and the girls even got a chance to sew!
playing & sewing

The fabric is Hunky Dory by Chez Moi for Moda. It is a directional print with the design going along the long grainline so I had to think hard about where to cut the front and back panels. After cutting the first piece, though, I learned that my daughter preferred a longer skirt. I re-stitched the first piece I had cut for the front panel and then covered up the seam with ribbon. Glad I had matching ribbon!
I didn't add a contrasting hem to the skirt but instead chose to use my serger and "roll" the hem. It's a quick way to finish a hem and this will allow me to play with the length of the skirt.
rolled hem

So glad to have one completed piece! On Day 2 I will not sew an everyday piece of clothes but instead something for our new baby that will hopefully become an heirloom piece!

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