Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Old and New

"New" baptism gown - back
I finished it! The baptism gown that I made to recreate the one I wore when I was baptized. My mom held on to it and gave it to me when we baptized our first daughter but somehow I lost it. I'm still so sad about that! It was in great condition and was so pretty. Thankfully, a family friend had my original gown recreated for her son and so I was able to use hers as a guide. (Below is a picture of the original gown. The one I made is above.)
My baptism gown

I'm happy with the result and will feel even happier when we use it to baptize our new baby. I bought pretty organza fabric and lace and made a muslin of the bodice before I actually cut into the organza. (My friends' gown is pictured below on the left, my muslin sample on the right.)
sample bodice
I was so afraid to get started because I was nervous about ruining the expensive organza. Everything went pretty smoothly and I'm not going to nitpick at the mistakes! The final result makes me smile.

I did run into one problem, though. The sewing machine! My son was curious about my newer sewing machine and jammed the bobbin case into it's holder. The case didn't break but fell apart and I couldn't figure out how to put it back together. I ended up using my old Singer to make the new gown and think it was meant to be sewn on the Singer! It was so helpful to have a skinny presser foot and the simplicity of the machine made sewing easy.
Making the bodice

A lot of love went into making this baptism gown and I hope it becomes an heirloom piece for our family that can be used when our grandchildren are baptized.

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  1. It's just gorgeous, Claudia! I'm sure it will be beautiful on him!