Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Day 2 - Kids Clothes Week

sample bodiceOn day 2 of the Kids Clothes Week challenge I worked on making a sample (muslin) of a baptismal gown. A sample of one similar to the one I wore when I was baptized as a baby - my two younger brothers also wore it. My mom saved my gown and gave it to me when I became a mom. It was used when we baptized each of our three girls. Unfortunately, somehow I lost the gown by the time we had baby number four. I don't know how or where it was lost but I just couldn't find it. Fortunately, a family friend had my gown recreated for her son's baptism before I lost mine. We borrowed hers to baptize our fourth baby but I decided it was important to me to have our own now that we have another baby. So, for baby number 5 I am making one that I hope my children will use when they baptize their own children. I'm so glad to have our friend's gown to use as a model for the gown I worked on today. (BTW, my babies do have names but using numbers seems easier to explain this all.)

I made a sample gown because I want to make sure I can make it right and also because the organza fabric I bought for it was expensive. I made the sample bodice with sleeves and am pleased with the result (see photo above). I didn't attach the skirt because that part is easy and I don't think I need to practice making a gathered skirt. I was worried about the sleeves because I wasn't sure how to make them wide but I was able to figure it out by using the sleeves pattern from a shirt I made for JP. The size was just right and I just added length. I'll adjust it as necessary tomorrow when Baby is awake and I can try it on him. (For future reference, here is a site with lots of amazing information on how to sew sleeves!)

broken bobbin case - boo!
For a moment tonight, I didn't think I would be able to continue the Kids Week Clothing challenge because I had an unfortunate situation with my sewing machine. JP, who is 3 and extremely curious, was playing with my "new" sewing machine without permission! He jammed the bobbin case back into the machine and when I pulled it out it broke! Well, it actually just fell apart but that means broke to me. I found out the price of a new one is $75!!! I'm hoping it can be fixed for a much better price. Either way, I am so glad that my "old" machine works fine. In fact, I think it will make sewing the baptismal gown even easier.
My Singer

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