Sunday, March 27, 2011


. . .ka-boom or maybe even just BANG! Whatever the sound was, it was what we heard this evening when the pressure cooker exploded in my kitchen! Yes, the pressure cooker that was supposed to cook the split peas super quick so that I could get our split pea soup dinner on the table sooner rather than later.

The mess was unbelievable and will take a few more days of wiping things down before any trace of split peas is gone; oh, what a fun way to spend spring break this will be. Charlie was a great helper and after helping me wipe down the cabinets and appliances, he wiped down the ceiling too. Split peas were EVERYWHERE. Ugh!

I'm so glad that nobody was hurt. Maria was at the kitchen table writing and I was across from the stove chopping veggies when it happened and neither one of us was hurt, thankfully. We were just splattered with split pea yuckiness. I wish I knew how the split peas actually splattered everywhere since the pressure cook remained closed once it hit the floor. The handle was broken so I couldn't open it and the seal was hanging out of the pot. 

The whole experience made such a big impact (of course!) on Maria that she wrote a letter about it right away. Here's what happened, in Maria's words:

On Sunday, the 27th, of March, 2011, I was in my kitchen writing in my sketch-pad. Then I heard a loud sound, I looked up and saw smoke everywhere. A pot was upside-down on the floor, split peas were all around me. I wondered what had happened. My dad carried me out of the kitchen because the floor was filled with split peas. My mom told John, Julia, and I to go downstairs. When we were downstairs we listened to Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift. I hope the "explosion" never happens again.

Needless to say, we didn't have split pea soup for dinner tonight. I'll make it tomorrow in a regular pot. 

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  1. Scary! I'm glad noone was hurt. I've always been sorta scared of pressure cookers, though I have one. I don't use it very often because I'm scared of it doing just what yours did (except in my anxious fantasy of a pressure cooker accident there is usually some sort of decapitation.) It is really hard to get beans and lentils tender at this altitude without one. Bummer!