Thursday, June 30, 2011

Our Community Garden Plot

This year I decided to try growing some veggies at one of the community gardens in our neighborhood. It's a good-sized plot that will allow me to experiment some more with growing veggies. We have two awesome raised beds at home that Charlie made a couple of years ago but I've been struggling with growing veggies there. The community garden is a great place to experiment and learn more about veggies, plus it will allow us to harvest more fruit!

Here is the garden before we started working on it. Behind JP is rye grass which was seeded last fall for a beneficial reason that I don't remember--I think it adds nutrients to the soil in the spring once it is turned under.
community garden

Here it is at its "baby stage" after we turned under the rye grass (and removed some of it), added compost, leveled it off, and planted our starter plants: summer squash, eggplant, bell peppers, heirloom tomatoes, tomatillos, broccoli, chile peppers, cucumbers. A few days after we planted the starter plants, we sowed some bush beans, carrots, radishes, and beets.
Newly Planted Garden

Here it is today in its "adolescent stage" growing and developing, and a bit unruly with the weeds.

As of today, the tomatoes are growing. . .
the tomatoes are growing!
. . . and we harvested some summer squash!
Summer Squash

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  1. It's so cool! Maybe someday I will actually be motivated to work on a garden. ;)