Friday, August 19, 2011

A House Lizard

Do you always believe what your children tell you? I don't. But maybe I should. . .

Today JP, who is 4 years old, came outside to tell me that we had a "house lizard" in the dining room. I was outside chatting with a neighbor about important garden stuff and I just smiled and acted very impressed when he told me about his find. When I was finally done chatting I came inside to see what he was talking about. I fully expected some funny toy or prank, but, well, there WAS a lizard in our house, a "house lizard"!!!

It was in the doorway and right next to our shoe tray. We scared him into the tray and carried him outside. The "house lizard" was itty bitty and we think it was a brand new lizard; his stomach was pink and almost see through! Poor baby lizard!

How did this happen!? How did we end up with a lizard in our house!? We live in dry-climate-Denver, not Florida! Do we have a momma lizard living in our house? Did this baby lizard squeeze into our house through the doorway or did he jump on us and catch a free ride inside??? What do you think?

This photo shows you just how tiny House Lizard was!

I made a split-second decision that we couldn't keep House Lizard and we had to set him free. Thankfully, my neighbor was still here and was brave enough to carry House Lizard into a garden to set him free--I'm a squeamish kinda girl and was not about to touch the lizard. Eeek!

This is where our "house lizard" was set free, the garden in the wine barrel. Who knows if he is still there tonight; we just hope he's okay.

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