Monday, June 13, 2011

A Strawberry Patch

We now have a strawberry patch in our yard but only after having to give up on the tomato "patch".
The "old" garden
Last year our neighbor's house was sold and then remodeled after she moved into a nursing home. The remodel added a new section to Ms. Charlotte's house which now gives too much shade to the garden that faithfully grew wonderful tomatoes for our family for 8 years. We're sad about the change (all around) but I think we have found a perfect solution: STRAWBERRIES!
The "new" garden
This will be a great spot for strawberries because it's contained and will allow them to spread but only to the borders. We had an alpine strawberry bush here before but with a big family it just wasn't enough. I'm sure this will satisfy four curious and hungry children very well. I'm hoping it will yield enough strawberries for some yummy freezer jam too!

(If you look closely, I haven't fully given up on tomatoes in this spot. I have planted a tomato plant in the pot to the left of the garden. It will be an experimental tomato plant for 2011.)

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