Monday, December 26, 2011

Laptop and iPad Sleeve

sleeve for 2!
Inspired by the Zippered Laptop Sleeve Tutorial, I made this sleeve to hold a laptop AND an iPad! I followed the basic instructions of the tutorial but made some changes.

A design change was to add a pocket for an iPad. The pocket is lined with a black cotton fabric and has a curved shape to it; the curve makes it easier to take out the iPad.

A material change was to use neoprene instead of fusible fleece and lining. I didn't have fusible fleece in my stash but I did have regular fleece. After thinking it through, I was worried that using regular fleece would cause issues with static. Static would be really bad for the laptop or iPad. I've seen laptop sleeves sold at stores made with neoprene so I figured it would be a good alternative.

sleeve for 2!

I'm happy with the end result but happier that the sleeve is being used daily by my husband.

Fabric: The blue fabric is from the DS Quilt Collection - Picnic and Fairgrounds that was released last spring. The woodgrain fabric is from Joel Dewberry's Aviary Collection.

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