Sunday, January 1, 2012

Welcome, Neighbors!

We have new neighbors and I wanted to welcome them with a handmade gift.
oven mitt and pot holder (front)
I made an oven mitt and a pot holder. 

My goal was to use materials I already had in my stash. I made the oven mitt first with fabric I had pre-cut for an oven mitt long ago; it was just waiting to be used! It's amazing what you find when you clean out and organize your sewing room!

Then I found fabric scraps to make a matching pot holder.
fabric selection for a pot holder

The pot holder went well until I was ready to add the binding. I chose a green-colored fabric but wasn't thrilled with it. Thankfully, I made a "good" mistake. I sewed the binding on wrong--a single layer instead of folded. Oops!
mistake on pot holder
I removed it and decided to bind with a yellow fabric instead. Much better!
pot holder with binding

The quilting is random and includes a few zigzag stitches--another "happy" mistake. I didn't realize the machine was set at a zigzag stitch when I started to quilt so rather than take out the stitches, I just went with it. I like it.

I enjoyed making this set. It was another quick and simple project. Both pieces were inspired by Denyse Schmidt.

oven mitt and pot holder (back)
The back of the oven mitt.

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