Wednesday, April 25, 2012


It's time to hit the refresh button on my life! Lots of good stuff is happening but time is flying by and I feel like I'm not enjoying it all.

Right now the only way I can think to stop and enjoy the moment is to remove the clutter--from my house, my work space, and my schedule. Here's what I'm planning. . .

I'll start by organizing some things in my home. It's hard to do with kids but I'm sure we can find a way. The girls are old enough to help so let the kids' chores list begin (yahoo!!!). Getting rid of stuff will help but I'd especially like to find a more practical way to keep up with paper work (mail, school work, photos, etc.).

My sewing room is a HUGE mess. I'm happy to have a creative work space and lots of crafting materials but I just have to organize it better. I haven't been making much lately because I don't have a comfortable place to spread out and create. I'll be purging but mostly organizing.

Hopefully this will help me in making lots more clothes for my kids. After all, that's why I started sewing 10 years ago!

I can't even remember the last time I planned a weekly menu! I want to get back to meal planning to save my sanity and some money too. I have a meal planning chart I like to use so half the battle is won--now I just have to use it! I've been wanting to change up what I cook and focus more on the cuisine that reflects my heritage; real Mexican food. I don't like Tex-Mex food very much but I do love Mexican food--there is a difference. I'll start off by cooking more a la Rick Bayless. How do you juggle it all? Tips and advice are welcome.

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