Friday, September 21, 2012

Double Digits!

Yesterday we celebrated another birthday in our family! The big 10 for Miss M.

She has now entered the double digits! Does this make her a tween or has she been one? I don't know! This tween is a wonderful girl! I'm so blessed to be her mom!

I made her a special mom-made gift: a birthday t-shirt! Embellished for a superstar!

Happy Birthday to my sweet and loving girl!

Embellishing a t-shirt isn't a new idea but here's a quick how-to just in case you want to make a special birthday tee for your kiddo. I've written a how-to about this before but in that one I used Heat'n Bond which is too thick. I've decided I'd rather use stitch witchery.

HOW-TO Embellish a T-shirt (written instructions):

You'll need: 
a t-shirt
scrap fabric
stitch witchery* (can be purchased by the yard or in a roll)
an iron
a pressing cloth (optional)
a sewing machine

1. From the scrap fabric cut out the design you want to put on the t-shirt.
2. From the stitch witchery cut out the same design.
3. Place the fabric design on the t-shirt with the stitch witchery sandwiched between the fabric design and the t-shirt.
4. With a hot iron (and a pressing cloth, if you choose) press over the fabric design. It will become fused to the t-shirt. Be careful not to have any stitch witchery exposed because it melts and it can ruin your iron.
5. Stitch around the edges of your design to keep it from peeling off of the t-shirt. You can use a straight stitch or a zigzag stitch.

That's all! 

*Stitch witchery is a fusible material that can bond two fabrics together when heat is applied. Over time, and after a few washings, the bond can break and the fabrics can become separated so it is suggested that you stitch around the fused fabric to keep it from peeling off. The t-shirt above was not stitched because I ran out of time but it will get done very soon.

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