Saturday, September 29, 2012

Put a bow on it!

The latest Sorbetto Top. . .

I made this one with one small change--I didn't finish the armholes with the bias tape showing on the outside. Instead, the bias tape is fully on the inside. 

To do this you sew the bias tape on the RS of the armhole, turn it fully to the WS, press, and then stitch.

I also added a small embellishment: I put a bow on it! 
It's not a big deal but I really like it and the simplicity of it makes me smile.

PatternSorbetto Top
Fabric: a no name fabric purchased at Hancock Fabrics
Level: Basic to Intermediate
Skill(s): darts, pleats, bias trim
Fit: fairly true to size if not slightly big

+free online pattern
+quick and easy
+an easy pattern to change up if you want it to look a little different

Not So Good:
Making this top went pretty smoothly since I already knew how to make it!
-I made this top one size smaller because the last Sorbetto Top I made was too wide. The new size was better BUT the neckline is a bit loose. Next time I'll increase the seam allowance in the shoulders. It's not bad but could be more fitted. Unfortunately this isn't an easy fix once you've attached the bias tape, so the neckline will have to stay loose.

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