Wednesday, September 12, 2012

My Sorbetto Top

                              Pattern: Sorbetto Top
Fabric: Michael Miller "Road to Marrakesh"
Level: Basic to Intermediate
Skill(s): darts, pleats, bias trim
Fit: fairly true to size if not slightly big

Last spring I had every intention to sew up a tank top for myself, specifically the Sorbetto Top. I purchased fabric and got my pattern all figured out but then I was sidetracked by the maxi skirt/dress trend. So instead I decided to use the fabric intended for the Sorbetto Top for a maxi skirt with an attached tank top.
Maxi skirt with tank top - unfinished.

I only got as far as making the skirt, which didn't take much time, but I never really liked the fit. It was too bulky around my waist. So the constructed maxi skirt sat in my sewing room all summer long waiting to be adjusted for a better fit.

Now that it's September and the end of summer is here, I'm certain that the maxi skirt/dress is not for me. So, I'm going back to Plan A, a Sorbetto Top!


This was a great project to get me started sewing more clothes for myself in the cooler months ahead. It came together over a few nights because I could only work on it a little at a time but this top can easily be made in one evening. 
FRONT, with pleat down the middle.

Attaching the bias trim to the neckline and armholes might be somewhat difficult for someone with basic skills. If you've never worked with bias trim before, then make sure to read the instructions carefully; the illustrations are very helpful. I chose not to make my own bias trim and used a store-bought bias trim. It is very narrow compared to the trim used in the pattern. I'm really happy with the final look and I like how the trim accents the neckline and armholes in a subtle way.
Narrow bias trim on neck and arm holes.

The Sorbetto Top is fun to make and will help you practice darts and pleats as well as bias trim attachment. It's a great piece for layering with a cardigan especially for fall. I'm ready to make a second one and already have the fabric all cut out!


+/- :
+only 2 pattern pieces
+quick and simple
+the neck and armholes are finished with bias tape (purchase it or make your own)
+I used very narrow bias trim (from my vintage stash) and I'm really glad with the final look!
+great top for summer weather and also for cooler spring or fall weather because it looks good with a cardigan.

-I had to play around with the placement of the pattern pieces because I had already cut the fabric for the maxi skirt. (This took more time than I expected or had. Thankfully the pattern on the fabric was easily adaptable to being cut in 2 different directions. In fact, I'm quite pleased with the final result.)
-I ran out of brown (store-bought) bias trim for the second armhole but was able to finish by adding about 4 inches of black bias trim.


  1. Nice top! But I think that fabric will be much better to be made into a long skirt. No offence though. :) Looking forward to more of your posts! Visit me also, just click here.

  2. I disagree with the first commenter, this fabric looks really stunning as a Sorbetto - I love how the two sides of the front are different colours. It's gorgeous!