Saturday, March 16, 2013

Getting back to my "real" camera

I've recently done a little bit of organizing with my Flickr account. Specifically, I grouped my Instagram photos into a set. Over the last few months my Flickr account has really become the twin/echo/copycat of my Instagram account. IG is convenient and a quick upload but. . . I haven't been using my camera very much and I'm finally realizing that I miss it!

My sewing room is my office cute red mug springtime fabric by Art Gallery Fabrics

So, I've decided to get back to taking pictures more frequently using my DSLR in order to improve my photography skills--which have plenty of room for growth! I would really like to take at least one photo daily* but I know that it may not happen on some days. I'll do my best. As I upload my daily photos to Flickr, I will also add a personal comment describing my thoughts, feelings, and need for improvement about that particular photo. Any helpful photography tips or suggestions are welcome! I hope to see a difference in quality and skill over time.

*In the past (2009 and 2011 and only 18 days in 2012) I tried the 365 photo-a-day fun but just couldn't keep up with it. I hope this time around I can stick with it for learning rather than just keeping up with a challenge as before.

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