Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Namu Gaji San Francisco

I have to tell you about a delicious restaurant in the Mission District of San Francisco: Namu Gaji.

I first learned about Namu Gaji on the Create TV cooking show Simply Ming. The show has a new feature called "On the Road" that took Chef Ming to San Francisco to cook with Dennis Lee, chef/owner at Namu Gaji. It looked so good that I knew I would have to visit on a trip to San Francisco! Oh, I'm so glad we did!

Namu Gaji is a "New Korean American Cuisine". It's fresh, locally grown food cooked up in an amazingly delicious way!

They also have a food stand at the Ferry Building Market on Thursdays and Saturdays but I couldn't find them when I was there. I really wanted to try the Korean Tacos! Next time, right!

Here's what we ordered (Winter 2013 Menu):
POTATO PUFFS, gochujang aioli, maitake, parmesan, scallion

OYSTER, yuzu ponzu, chojang, wasabi

DUMPLING, shiitake, dashi broth, nori

MUSHROOM, portobello, maitake, shiitake, tofu, charred chili cedar oil, macadamia nut

RAMYUN, handmade noodle, 4505 sf hot dog, panko crusted egg, kimchee

DESSERT: chocolate cake with lemon purée and whipped cream (I think it was coconut flavored cream but I can't remember)

I hope you get to try the DELICIOUS Namu Gaji when you're in San Francisco. I'll certainly be back the next time I'm in town!

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