Thursday, May 2, 2013

This is Fun! (Me-Made-May '13)

Day 1: Infinity Scarf              Day 2: A-line Skirt
Handmade Infinity Scarf - MMM13      A-line Skirt - MMM13

Yesterday I wrote about Me-Made-May '13--a handmade garment/wardrobe challenge. Wow! What a change in perspective in just 2 days (both in my opinion of MMM13 and the handmade clothes I have made)! Initially, my thoughts about MMM13 were that I would be making clothes all month long; that seemed stressful and overwhelming. In reality, it's about wearing handmade clothes all month long--anything you've made in the past or made this month. I'm excited to dig into my closet and find those pieces that I made long ago but have been forgotten.

I'm also getting started on sewing a blouse for week one. One step at a time is my motto!
Cutting out a blouse! MMM13

I will be posting pictures of my own MMM13 journey on my Flickr if you want to see what I've made and what I'm wearing. Stop by!

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