Saturday, November 16, 2013

Tailor Swift

Last night I sewed in a super fun and unique event! The event was called Tailor Swift and was held at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Downtown Denver. It was part of the series called Black Sheep Fridays.

Tailor Swift was all about listening to Taylor Swift songs sung by a live band while tailors hemmed pants. The tailors were Sadie, Tina, Miranda, and myself. We hemmed pants to make them shorter, let out original hems to make pants longer, repositioned buttons, made buttonholes, mended holes, and restitched loose hems.

Tailors: Sadie, Tina, Miranda, Claudia
The hemming we did was a good variety of what most people end up needing done with their clothes. The skills required to hem and mend aren't too difficult and can be easily done if you know how to sew by hand or machine. If you don't know how to sew, let me recommend you take a sewing class from Sew You Studio or Fancy Tiger Crafts and you'll be a swift tailor in no time!

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