Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Life is full of events--events we anticipate as special moments and others that just become special moments. Moments known as milestones. . .

Happy Nappy!

This past week we experienced (another) major milestone in our home. Miles, our baby, went through the transition of sleeping in a crib to a toddler bed. We decided it was time for the switch since we had spent many days in June sleeping away from home and he got a lot of practice time sleeping in "big boy beds".

From crib to toddler bed. A milestone for Miles and he's not too sure about it.

Daddy made the switch as Miles watched. He was unsure about the change--notice his stance in the picture above--but he didn't protest. As I took this picture, I thought it was so cute how he was standing there with his arms crossed. And it was cute, but it was also sad (for me).

Watching your child(ren) grow and learn is a gift. One that usually brings joy but can also bring frustration and sadness and sometimes pain. I pray that I can truly and mindfully cherish this time as a mother of young children before these days are behind me.

Sleeping without rails must feel so freeing, when you are 2.

So, Miles has accepted the switch very well and we haven't had many challenges with the change. It's incredible how kids can adapt so easily--especially when parents can put aside our own anxieties! We should probably move on to potty-training but I'm not sure that I'm ready. I'm still working through this latest milestone remembering that every moment we have with our children is a precious moment!

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