Friday, August 3, 2012

Bath Mats

Here's a quick and practical sewing project that uses something old and turns it into something new!

Handmade bath mat (#1)

This new bath mat once was an old terry cloth robe that was on its way out. I knew I could find a new use for it because throwing it out just seemed too wasteful. I cut it up to make this cute mat and had enough left over for 2 more mats--all double-layered mats, btw! I found this project a few years ago but I don't remember in which book it was printed. (If you do, please refresh my memory!) Anyhow, it's a simple and quick project and a great way to repurpose an older towel or robe and use up some fabric scraps.

Quilted & ready to be squared up.
Almost done

The good about this project:
+ it's quick
+ you can use materials you probably already have on hand
+ you can customize this bath mat to fit your needs
+ this doesn't just have to be used as a bath mat. We use one at the back door for wet or dirty shoes! It might even make for a good bedroom rug (with some shelf liner underneath to keep it from sliding around).

The not so good:
- well, I guess the only thing I can think of is that terry cloth is very messy! Nothing a vacuum can't fix, though!

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